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Plotting Poetry 5 - Popular Voices

4-6 July 2022 – Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu


The conference will take place at the Estonian Literary Museum, Vanemuise street 42, Tartu

The Estonian Literary Museum is a leading centre for Estonian Studies in Estonia functioning as an integrated institution that consists of archival units and research groups. The main activities of the Estonian Literary Museum include basic and applied research mainly in the fields of folklore and the study of religions, research into literature, art and culture, cultural history, life writing, ethnomusicology and bibliography, as well as participation in the respective research and development activities in the field; strategic and systematic collection, long-term preservation and scholarly study of Estonian intangible cultural heritage; making availale the results of the scholarly research as well as source materials of the intangible cultural heritage in scholarly, educational and popularising publications as well as in mediation by digital environments and as a public service.