Tackling the Toolkit pp 15–⁠30
Description of Postdata Poetry Ontology V1.0
María Luisa Diez Platas, Helena Bermúdez, Salvador Ros, Elena González-Blanco, Oscar Corcho, Omar Khalil Gómez, Laura Hernández-Lorenzo, Mirella De Sisto, Javier de la Rosa, Álvaro Pérez, Aitor Diez, José Luis Rodriguez


One stream of work in the digital humanities focuses on interoperability processes and the description of traditional concepts using computer-readable languages. In the case of literary studies, there has been some research into these topics, but the complexity of the knowledge domain remains an issue. This complexity is based on the different interpretations of concepts in different traditions, the use of isolated and private databases, unique applications of language and, thus, the richness of poetic information. All of this suggests the need to explore new options to represent the complexity in computer-readable language. This paper presents an ontology network designed to capture poetry domain knowledge. The ontologies in question relate to poetic works and their structural and prosodic components.


Diez Platas, M. L., Bermúdez, H., Ros, S., González-Blanco, E., Corcho, O., Khalil Gómez, O., Hernández-Lorenzo, L., De Sisto, M., de la Rosa, J., Pérez, Á., Diez, A., & Rodriguez, J. L. (2021). Description of Postdata Poetry Ontology V1.0. In P. Plecháč, R. Kolár, A. Bories, & J. Říha (Eds.), Tackling the Toolkit: Plotting Poetry through Computational Literary Studies (pp. 15–30). Prague: ICL CAS. doi: 10.51305/ICL.CZ.9788076580336.02


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